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If you have an automatic garage door opener your over-head door could opened by a would be burglar.

Go out into your garage and notice a string with a handle on it. This should be hanging near the front of the door when the door is in it’s down position. It is used in case you loose power and pulling on it releases the door latch from the rail so you can raise the door manually.

A criminal can use an “Electrician’s fish” to run it over the top of your door and snag this string. Pulling on the fish may un-latch your over-head door. Wham! he’s in your garage.

I have developed a devise that will cure this problem. Email me for complete details at: handymaniv@yahoo.com.

Posted on November 13th, 2005 at 18:42 by Alex Smith in Uncategorized - Comments (0)

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