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I know everyone thinks they have the perfect place to hide a key to their home incase they lock themselves out.

The problem is many people use the same hiding place. It is not wise to leave a hidden key for your home. In fact, take a look at your home as a burgler would do. That’s where you hid your key.

Some would be criminals actually follow the school bus and watch the children coming home.

Example: Let’s see, this is 123 Any Street and little johnny went to the third rock from the front door. I’ll come back tomorrow when everyone is gone.

There are new door locks in which a key is not necessary. It unlocks using a numbered key pad. You decide what numbers you want to use to unlock the door. They cost approximately $100.00. This product makes your home more secure.

Many homes have been robbed by hidden keys and the owners wonder how they got into the house. If a key gets lost or stolen, it will cost you more than $100.oo to change locks.

Posted on November 13th, 2005 at 18:49 by Alex Smith in Home Security,security services - Comments (0)

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