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Mistakes made in installing an alarm system:

Most alarm systems are tied into your phone system to call the monitoring center when the alarm is activated. Quite often the alarm companies tie the alarm system into your phone line leaving the wire exposed to the outside. Even if they tie it into the phone lines inside the home, the out-going phone lines are still exposed outside the home. These exposed lines can be cut by a would be burglar so the alarm system will not call the monitoring center.

There are several solutions to this problem. The easiest way is to have your alarm technician to run a (6) wire to connect the system to your phone line. They have to run a (4) pair anyway so the extra pair could be used for a loop when cut would sound the alarm.

The best solution is a “cellular system“. This system is secured inside your home and will automatically sieze the line if the phone line goes down for any reason. This system will call the monitoring center via radio waves just as your cellular phone system works. This is the best protection you can add to your security system. The expense is worth every penny for security.

There are also “line siezure” systems. These monitor your phone line at all times and if there is and interuption of phone service your alarm will activate causing the siren to sound. Even if they phone line is cut, the burglar does not know if you have a wireless back-up system. So when the system goes into alarm and the siren is blaring away the burglar will flee.

Talk to your alarm company and ask about the different ways they have of protecting your phone lines. A system that does not report to the monitoring center is dangerous. It gives you a false sense of security.

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