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Is having a safe a good idea? Most safes I’ve seen are in a location easily found. Not secured to the floor and can be moved. Sure your valuables will protected against fire but, now you have all your valuables in a nice container to be carried off by a burgler.

A few weeks after your home is burglarized your door bell rings. It’s the burgler that ransacked your home earlier. He announces he was the one that burglarized your home and he knows you have a safe and where it is. You have the combination and he demands at gun point for you to open it. Now your whole family is in a bad situation.

There is a company that specializes in “hidden safes”. They have unique ways of hiding their safes so that no would be theif could ever find it. They claim they have never had one of their safes found.

Their website is: hiddensafes.com. Dan Perkins is the owner and will gladly discuss their line of “hidden safes” with with you. I highly recommend this company. I’ve worked with him in the past with always good results.

Posted on December 16th, 2005 at 06:06 by Alex Smith in Home Security,protecting valuables - Comments (0)

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