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This is one of the worst situations you may find yourself in because most carjackers are so unpredictable and probably in a drug induced state. So no matter what you do, it could mean your life.

Statistics have shown that a man that is forced into a vehicle has only about a 2% chance of coming out uninjured or alive. A woman has a better chance but it’s only 10% to 12% of being unharmed.

There is no hard fastened rule of what to do, but most experts feel a diversionary tactic is the best way out of this situation. The carjacker really wants your car most of the time so keep this in mind. When he demands you get into the car try at first talking to him “no I won’t go with you, but I will give you my car keys.” Then don’t hand them to him directly but throw them on the ground and depending on the area throw them away from you and the car. You have a better chance of surviving this by running in the opposite direction of where you have thrown the keys while his attention has been diverted by throwing the keys.

During the confrontation try to look at the carjacker and remember as many features about him especially his face. His height, what he is wearing, his speech, etc.

Again, the diversionary tactic I discussed earlier is no guarantee you will come out unscathed. Fighting with the attacker is not advised. The first rule of thumb though is to leave your car in a place where you won’t be put in this situation. Park in well lighted places and where there are other people around. Some experts say to have a loud whistle or air horn.

Always be aware of your surroundings. It could save your life.

Posted on December 27th, 2005 at 06:57 by Alex Smith in Car Security,Vehicle Security,warning signs - Comments (0)

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