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The initial loss after a burglary, fire or natural disaster is usually not the only loss you have. Very few people have their valuables documented and have this verification in a safe place.

Yes, you have insurance. They will only pay you for what you can document that you owned that particular item. If you have a loss you have to fill out a list of all the items you lost. Usually they want this within the 30 days or less after your loss.

Believe me, I’ve been a statistic of a home burglary. We discovered many items months later that were stolen. I racked my brain trying to give a complete list to the insurance company and I still missed all these items.

If you don’t have any records of your valuables it is quite likely you will miss entering several items on your loss list. Weeks or months later after you have “settled” with the insurance company you will look for an item and it’s not to be found. You have settled with the insurance company and this loss can not be recovered. So it is really important to keep accurate records of your valuables.

Document all your possessions. Pictures are a good way of documenting items. Collections, antiques, artwork, securities, bank records, insurance certificates, the list goes on. Keep these records in a safety deposit box so if you do have a fire or natural disaster it will be safe.

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