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When thinking about having a security system installed there are 6 aspects to consider. I will be listing each and discussing the values of each in the next few weeks.

Basically they are: (1) yard signs & window/door decals, (2) perimeter window & door contacts, (3) interior protection devices, (4) fire protection,(5) carbon monoxide detectors, (6) special partitions.

The yard signs & window decals are very important. It lets a would be thief know you are protected by an alarm system. A burglar does not want to encounter an alarm system because first it limits the time he has to steal from you and there is a good possibility he will get caught.

Would you break into a house with an alarm system when your neighbor does not have one??? Which one would you burglarize??? Place your signs & decals on all sides of the house so your home cannot be approached by someone and not know you have an alarm system.

My last post was about documenting your valuables. Here is my recommendation as to the best way to do it.

There are several companies that do video taping in your home or business confirming the ownership of your valuables. Needless to say, be careful as to which one you pick. Be sure they are bonded and have a security background check. It wouldn’t even hurt to contact your local police about them.

They may store the results on a Video Tape or C D. Either way, be sure they make two copies of your video recording.

Before you have them to video your valuables get “certified” appraisals of any unique items. Have full descriptions of each to help further identify or confirm the value of the item. Have each item numbered on the video tape or CD to make identifying easier. This will also help to make a more accurate report to your insurance company if you have a loss. Items will not be accidentally omitted if you have consecutive numbers.

Keep two copies. Keep one in your safety deposit box and submit the other to your attorney.

Posted on January 8th, 2006 at 07:30 by Alex Smith in Home Security,protecting valuables - Comments (0)

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