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The third level of protection is interior sensors. If some how a burglar were to enter your premises without setting your alarm off you should have interior devices. These may be PIR’s (passive infra-red detectors), video surveilance cameras, infra-red beams, or pressure mat sensors.

PIR’s are sometimes called motion detectors. They send out an infrar-red beam and when that beam is interupted it sets off the alarm. They are really better than ultra-sound motion sensors beacause they are passive which means they will not interfear with other devices. Ultra-sound devices can “talk to each other” thereby setting off a possible alarm or interfearing with each other.

You can have several different PIR’s depending on the location and what it is to detect. Some are 90, 180, or 360 degree coverage. Some can be set so that it will not pick up certain pets. They act on heat so it will not detect anything over a certain size or weight.

Infra-red beam detectors send out a beam and when the beam is broken it sounds the alarm. They have their limitations as to where they can be placed or used.

Video cameras can be used both inside and outside of the building. They also can have a motion sensor in them and can record a video record on a video recorder when the motion detector sensors something. They can also be set to run at certain times only or continously. There are two types of video recorders, VCR or DVR. The VCR records the information on a video tape while the DVR records the information digitally. DVR’s are usually more expensive, but they can record longer periods of time.

Before installing a security system have your sales associate explain all of these options with you.

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