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More people are killed or injured in fires than all the burglaries of homes or businesses combined. Smoke & soot damage will consume every square inch of your home. I had a neighbor who had a fire and clothes packed in suitcases still got damaged with soot. They were far removed from the actual fire. So it is important to add fire protection to your security system.

Most smoke detectors security alarm companies use are different than the ones sold in hardware stores or Walmart. They measure they quality of the air electronically. They usually can detect a fire as opposed to fumes using this method is much better. When a fire is detected, the fire department is notified even sometimes before you the home owner know you have a fire. The internal siren in the home alerts your family of the fire. Most alarm systems give intermittant short blasts if there is a fire as opposed to a steady sound of the siren. This also lets you know even in a deep sleep that when the siren goes off, you know it’s a fire instead of a break-in.

It is important where you place these devices. Some cities have codes stating you have to have one for each bedroom. Most of the time they are installed in a common hallway outside of the bedrooms.

Another device is called a heat rise or heat sensor. Most of these devices operate sensing the heat of the air surrounding them. There are two kinds. The first device will detect a fire if the heat rises to a certain temperature. The other device will activate if there is a sudden change of temperature from a certain degree to another.

These devices are placed in areas like kitchens, garages, attacks, basements near the furnace, utility rooms, and any where you have a heater or flammable materials.

Every family should have a fire drill every so often. Each member of the family should know all exits. Have a place where you meet outside, like at the mail box, so you know everyone has gotten out. Many people have lost their lives going back into a burning home thinking that somone is still in the home when actually they were out but on the other side of the home.

Keep in mind that most insurance companies give discounts if you have a security system installed in your home or business. The more levels of protection could mean a greater discount on your insurance. So an investment in a complete security system could mean a subsatantial savings over the years plus the “peace of mind” knowing your protected. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

Posted on February 15th, 2006 at 11:05 by Alex Smith in Home Security Systems,smoke dectectors,wireless security systems - Comment (1)

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  1. Smoke detectors do save lives! Here at Crime Fighters of Atlanta we provide monitored smoke detection devices that notify central station of smoke and fire which notifies the fire station, you and the EMT’s that you and your house need help now! I wish every person with an alarm system would pay a little extra to purchase the monitored smoke alarm. It really does save lives and can prevent your home from burning to the ground when your home and away.

    Comment by Sarah � October 6, 2010 @ 5:48 pm

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