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You can do a few things to make your vehicle less likely to be stolen. Often TIME makes the difference whether a thief steals your car or the one next to it. If your vehicle is harder to steal they will try another.

If you parallel park, always turn your wheels toward the curb. This makes it harder to hitch up a tow truck to your car. Most cars also have a lock on the steering column so the wheels cannot be turned back into traffic without the key in the ignition.

If your car is a rear wheel drive, back it into your driveway. Front wheel drive, park it in the drive fowards.

NEVER keep your vehicle registration, or insurance information in the glove compartment. Keep it on your person. Thieves can alter these very easily to sell your vehicle.

Whenever possible, park in a well lighted area.


Posted on March 29th, 2007 at 14:31 by Alex Smith in Car Security,Vehicle Security - Comment (1)

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