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We all take our lawn tractors for granted and ignore the safety instructions that comes with them. Since retiring, I have started my own lawn service business and have been in contact with several others that do the same.
It amazes me , how many try to operate their equipment on steep grades. I know several men that have been seriously hurt by riding their mowers lengthwise along a hill. This is especially dangerous with a lawn tractor because of it’s high center of gravity. Turning the wheels even slightly while on the side of a hill will cause the tractor to over-turn. The correct way, if not too steep, is to mow the grade up & down; not sideways. Make sure your tractor’s braking system is working correctly. A mower can run away on a steep grade . If the brakes are not adjusted correctly an accident is inevitable.

Posted on May 27th, 2007 at 04:04 by Alex Smith in Lawn Equipment Safety,Lawn Tractor Safety - Comment (1)

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