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Since I have a lawn service business I work outside. I don’t have to tell you we’re experiencing hot waves all over our country. Yes, I know you’re “bullet proof and ten feet tall.” You jog on a regular basis and you can handle the heat, but heat exhaustion and heat stroke can attack you before you know it.

Some symptoms include, cramps, fatigue, clammy skin, headache , nausea, hyperventilation and irritability. Our bodies usually regulate it’s temperature by sweating, but when it experiences unusually hot weather it can’t keep up with regulating itself. When temperatures start rising to 104 to 106 degrees ( 41.1 degrees celsius) you are a candidate for a heat stroke. Heat stroke can occur in just 20 minutes under the right conditions.

If somone is having a heat stroke get them to a shady area immediately. Remove clothing and spray the body with cool (not cold) water. Place ice packs under the arm pits and get to a medical facility as soon as possible.

The most important thing you can do to avoid heat stroke is to be sure you drink a lot of water and don’t overdo exercise in extreme hot conditions. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in excess in very hot conditions. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Heat exhaustion/stroke is the result of the body losing fluids and salt excessively. This is what causes cramps as well. Be careful in hot conditions and you can avoid these conditions.

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