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Ever wonder how I can make my next airline flight safer? Here are some tips to this question.

Most accidents happen during landing and take off. That only makes sense because there are more aircraft in the same area surrounding an airport. So limit this probable cause by taking non-stop flights whenever possible. This limits the amount of take offs and landings.

Familiarize yourself to the aircraft you are flying in when you enter the plane. Notice where the emergency exits are and how many seats you are sitting from them. If you are sitting in one of the seats that indicates it has an emergency exit next to it, be sure you are able to operate it. If you feel you can’t, ask to be moved to another seat.

Pay attention to the Flight attendant’s instructions and read the safety card that is located in the pocket of the seat in front of you.

It is not good to over-indulge in alcoholic beverages or medications before a flight. You want to be at your best if an emergency does occur. Quick action and clear thinking could save your life.

Remain in your seat with your seat belt fastened at all times. You never know when the aircraft may enter into a sudden violent pocket of air. Keep your movement to a minimum.

Dress comfortably but keep in mind what might be good to wear in a survival situation. Shorts and short sleeve shirts are not recommended. Wear hard sole shoes not flip flops or sandals. Some foot wear is made of synthetic materials that will melt under high heat conditions. If it is a long flight try not to wear tight clothing such as panty hose and some foundation under garments.

Finally, if you have any special medical conditions be sure the flight attendant is aware of them and take any medications well in advance of your flight to insure maximum effectiveness. Be sure you bring enough of your medications to last for the entire flight, especially if you require inhalers.

Next blog will inform you where you can go to find out your airlines safety record before you make your reservations.


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