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There is a lot of controversy as to which airline is safest. Many have the idea that some “third world country” airlines are unsafe when in actuallity they have some of the best safety records.

Sometimes it’s best to fly a carrier located in the region where you are flying. They have more knowlege of certain conditions that may occur in that area. Here again, their airlines may only have four or five units as compared to a larger airline like American Airlines that have several hundred. So their safety record would naturally be greater simply because of the numbers. Statistics can be vague because a carrier that handles several million passengers per year may have had more crashes but that does not make them any less safe to fly than a carrier carrying much fewer passengers. It’s like playing the lottery, does buying three tickets out of millions make you more of a chance to win? No, the differences are negligable.

There are some airlines that have not had a fatalitiy in the last 25 years. One website you can log onto is: Airsafe.com. They have a listing of these airlines. You might be surprised of the airlines listed.

In review, I wouldn’t worry about an airline safety record unless I was planning on flying in a dubius area. Even at that, you are still safer flying than you are driving to the airport.


Posted on August 30th, 2007 at 08:02 by Alex Smith in Airline Safety - Comments (0)

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