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As the cooler weather approaches a lot of people start using space heaters to supplement their heating needs. They can be a safety hazard if not used properly.

They are not to be used as a primary heating source. They should be used only when they are being supervised. Using them when you are asleep or away from the home is very dangerous.

You must keep the area surrounding any heater clear. Never place anything on top of it. Make sure there is a metal guard around the heater. This guard protects someone from getting burned and items that may come in contact with the heater.

If it is necessary to use an extension cord, be sure you use a heavy duty one. I recommend a 14 gauge or larger size three conductor grounded wire. If your heater has a grounded type plug, do not by-pass the ground. Use the heater only in a grounded outlet.

Place an electric heater well away from any water source. Be sure you cannot touch the heater and any water faucet or water pipe at the same time. These are a direct paths to ground. Never touch the electric heater when you are wet. Your body resistance to current flow is greatly reduced when you are wet.

Do not use portable heaters to dry clothes . They should be clear of all objects. Also, keep the heaters clean and dust free. Read the instructions on the proper operation of your heater before using it.
Think Safety First.

Posted on November 12th, 2007 at 11:00 by Alex Smith in Home Safety - Comments (0)

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