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The following are tips to reduce unwanted mail.

1. Be selective in the charity you are giving to. Even some of the more “well known” charities sell their list of subscribers. It dosen’t make any difference the amount you give. Even the smallest donation gets you on their list of donors.

2. Always include a statement with your donation making it clear that all future donations will be predicated in not giving out your name to other organizations.

3. If you are getting a large amount of mail from certain charities, write to them. Tell them they are wasting their money sending you multiple mailings. Ask to have your name removed from their list. This might not happen because the mailing you received might have come from a “bought list”. Often they do not keep these lists after a mailing.

4. Contact the Direct Mailing Association and request your name be removed from all of their direct mailing companies they are associated with. You can also write to:

Mail Preference Services
Direct Marketing Association
P. O. Box 642
Carmel, NY 10512

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How many times have to got an email from some charitable organization that seemed so legitimate? It seems some charities are not what they appear to be.

Recently, Daniel Borochoff, of the American Instiute of Philanthropy, made a testimony to the House Committe on Oversight and Government Reform Hearing on Veteran Charities. It will amaze you when you read about the poor performance of some of these charities. The institute grades charities in several different catagories. The worst two performing charity catagories are Veterans & military, and Crime & fire.

No matter what your stand on the current involvement of our military, our troops are getting wounded. Moms and dads are getting killed. They deserve more than they are getting. It seems a lot of supposed “veteran charities” are becoming wealthy playing on peoples sympathies. You would be suprised at how little of your donations actually get to help our veterans. So check out the charity you donate to before giving.

You can go to AIP’s (American Institute of Philanthropy) website and find a rating for the charity you may be giving to. Charitywatch.org

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