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(1) In an emergency You can access a worldwide Emergency Number by simply dialing 112. You can do this even if you are out of your call area and if your keypad is locked. It will pick up another carrier if yours is unavailable in an emergency.

(2) If your car has a keyless entry sytem and you lock your keys in the car, your car doors can be unlocked if you call someone at your home. Have them call your cell phone and press the unlock button of your spare set near the headset at home. Hold your cell phone at least a foot from your car door as the signal is being sent via your cell phone. It will activate your keyless system to unlock your door. This will save you an emergency assistance cost by not having to call a locksmith or service company as well as saving you time.

(3)If you have a low battery in your phone, press the keys *3370#. This will restart your phone with a reserve power and can show an increase of 50% in battery power. This reserve will recharge when you recharge your phone.

(4) What to do if your cell phone is stolen and you need to disable it. Write down your phone’s serial number by keying in the following digits onyour phone: *#06#. This will show a 15 digit number assigned only to your phone. Write this number down and keep it in a safe place. If your phone gets stolen, call your provider and give them this number. They can block the phone even if the person with your phone changes the SIM card. It will no longer be good to anyone. They can’t use it or sell it. If everyone did this there would be no point in someone stealing a cell phone.

(5) If you dial 411 to get a phone number it could cost you anywhere from a $1.oo to $1.75. This is a hidden cost your provider rarely tells anyone about. If you dial 800free411 or (800 373-411), you can get the phone number you want FREE. You can program this into your phone for future use.

For more information on free services, click here.

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