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I was just looking at The National Neighborhood Watch website. It has a lot of resources which can help a neighborhood establish a neigborhood watch program. Forming a solid neighborhood watch in your area is the first defense against crime. Keeping the program active once it is established is imperative.

Unfortunately we live in a society where people don’t know who lives 2 0r 3 doors on either side of them or even their next door neighbors. While in the Security Alarm Industry, I heard over and over again , ” I don’t need an alarm system because we have a neigborhood watch program”. Most of the time , an inactive neighborhood watch program results in a burglar stealing items from the neighbor’s home unnoticed. We are a busy society and people don’t feel they have the time or desire to get involved with their neighbors. Having a close knit neighborhood makes it safer for everyone.

It was once said that there are three kinds of people, those that make things happen, those that never make things happen and those that don’t even know what’s happening. If you don’t have a neighborhood watch program in your area, start one. If you have one, become active in it. Remember the saying, “there’s safety in numbers”.

Make it your task to know ALL the people on your block including the children. Report anything out of the ordinary. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Yes, it takes some of your time, but being active in your community will pay off many times over.

You can order materials and information to form your area program from The National Neighborhood Watch Organization.

Posted on February 18th, 2008 at 16:39 by Alex Smith in Home Safety,Home Security,warning signs - Comments (0)

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