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I suffered a light stroke and the doctors put me on several preventative medications so I would not have a re-occurence. We don’t have any small children around the house since all our children have grown and have their own homes. I got to looking at all my medications laying out in plain sight and realized in some homes this could be be hazardous. If we had some child visiting they could get a hold of them as well.

Taking care and knowing about your medications is indirectly part of home security. I felt the need to compile some thoughts that you might have overlooked.

Storage of drugs should be kept in a dry area away from heat. A bathroom or kitchen is not a good place to keep them. Do not leave your medications in your car. High heat can destroy them or make them ineffective.

Keep a list of all your medications and the dosages with you. If have to go to an emergency room, the treatment they give you may depend on what medications you are taking.

DO NOT take any medications prescribed to another person. Not all people react to medications the same way. You could have a reaction to that person’s drugs.

Drink at least 8oz of water when taking your medicine. Some pills will not work with just a swallow of water to get then down. Look at the instructions as to how to take them. Some medications are recommended to take with food. This may eliminate stomach irritation.

Do not keep old and expired drugs. Most drugs have time at which they no longer effective or safe to take. Flush old drugs down the toilet. Don’t throw out in the trash.

Don’t stop taking medications without consulting your doctor. This can lead to a serious condition that could be life threatening.

Take a look at your medicines when you pick them up from the pharmacy. Look at the color, size and shape. Get to know and recognize what your medications look like. Mistakes have been made filling or re-filling medications. Ask your pharmacist about any new medications prescribed to you. It’s the law in most states that the pharmacist has to give you this information.

When traveling, don’t pack your medications in your checked luggage. They can get lost. Keep the identification of your doctor, pharmacist, and prescription numbers with you while you travel.

If you take several different drugs it might not be wise to keep them together in the same container. Some drugs react with each other when they come in contact with each other. Again, ask your pharmacist.

There are several places you can learn more about the drugs you are taking. Some of these are: the internet, your local library ( the Physicians Desk Reference), the company that manufactures the drug, pamphlets at your doctors office and pharmacies.

Don’t take drugs lightly. The can be life savers or life killers.

Posted on June 3rd, 2008 at 06:24 by Alex Smith in Home Safety,Home Security,Safety in Hot Weather - Comments (0)

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