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cancerous polyps in colonI bet most of you are thinking, “what’s colon cancer got to do with Home Security” Well, if you think of it, the first line of defense is to keep yourself healthy so you can protect your home. If you are not there to protect you and your family then you don’t have to worry about home security.

Most of us think we are ten feet tall and bullet proof. At least that was my attitude until I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. (The second leading cause of death) It was a very awakening experience. I didn’t feel bad or had any idea anything was wrong with me. I was continuing to be just as active as I always was breezing through life.

That’s the problem of most cancers. Early symptoms may not affect you. That’s why it’s so important to have regular check-ups and certain tests at different ages . Know your family’s background as to any diseases your mother and father or relatives may have had. Cancer tends to run in the family. No matter how small it might have been, yes, even a little small skin cancer taken off Aunt Bee could be an indicater for you.

Most colon cancers are very treatable IF treated early. They usually appear in adults around age 50, but can occur at any age. They start as a small polyp, (a growth), on the inside of the intestine wall. Most are benign (non canerous) at this time. They are detected by a procedure called colonoscopy. They mildly sedate you and insert a flexible instrument that has a light and video camera on it so the physician can look at the inside of your colon. If he detects one of these polyps and they are small enough he can remove them with this scope. That’s why early detection is so important because larger polyps may have to be removed by surgery.

After the polyp has been removed they can test it for cancer. In my case it was “maligment” (cancerous) and it had spread into the wall of the intestine. For this reason, I now am facing major surgery to remove a section of my colon and some of the surrounding tissues and lymph nodes. Probably if I had had a regular colonoscopy I might not have to be facing this surgery.

Consult your doctor to see if you need to have this procedure done. My doctors even recommended that my children who are in their early forties be checked. Because you feel good and appear to be in good health is no reason not to have regular check-ups.

Your doctor will have some really good brochures on this subject. At your next doctor’s visit, ask him if he recommends this test for you. Good luck and good health.

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