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Be cautious responding to any phone call or emails from Area Code 809, 284, or 876. There have been many scams connected with these area codes.

Here’s how it works. You get an email or call from one of these area codes saying sorry I missed your call. Or they might tell you that some relative of yours is sick or in trouble. No matter what the call or email it is designed to get you to return a call connected to an “international” phone number the results of which you will be billed an exuberant rate and billed as such. (has been reported to be as much as $25 per minute)

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do because these are legal charges for the country that they are operating in. Most of them are in the Dominican Republic, Canada or a Caribbean country. They don’t have to comply with United states Laws regarding such calls. The bad thing about these calls is that you probably will not realize the costs of these calls until you get your telephone bill.

Never return calls to any unfamiliar number or person. You can call the directory assistance operator to get information on any suspicious call you may have recieved. They can check the area code location of the call.

Carefully read your telephone bill when you receive it. Check all charges and any fees that might be connected with any charges listed on your bill.

If you feel you have been scamed contact the carrier the charge was originated from. The name and phone number should be printed on your bill. Often the charge can be resolved by simple phone call. If the carrier refuses to resolve the charges then call your carrier or ATT&T. ATT&T will work with your carrier to try to cancel any fraudulent charge and help remove it from your bill.

ATT&T has been working hard to eliminate these scams for some time now. You may also file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and give them the information to look into your situation.

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  1. It should perhaps be pointed out that replying to emails will not send your phone-bill through the roof. If you do get one of these emails, feel free to respond to it…just don’t call numbers you find in them. Or open attachments for that matter.
    According to an email we got, directory assistance couldn’t really help, as they couldn’t trace the redirect – I don’t know if that’s an issue everywhere, but it will be in a lot of cases.
    Anyway…better safe than sorry when it comes to email and also telephone for that matter – everyone’s better off following the advice in your post.

    Comment by SS � February 8, 2009 @ 8:46 am

  2. I’ve gotten these calls before and the phone company has been very helpful.

    Comment by jen brister � February 23, 2009 @ 8:22 am

  3. I got called 3 times in about 12 hours including one call at 6:45 am from a 973 and 876 area codes. They were telling me I won $800,000 and a BMW. I told them I had not entered a contest. They asked if I used my credit card last Jan or Feb and I told them I did not have a credit card. They then said it was probably because I shopped at wal-mart. The caller said he was with Federal Express. He eventually asked if I had long distance capabilities and I said no. I told them I did not have a credit card, did not have a checking or savings account and was on welfare so could not pay for the shipping charges on the BMW and others he was rattling off. He then hung up.
    I received a 4th call from an unidentified name and number about noon and he told me what I could do now… **** myself.

    Comment by Sandy � March 2, 2009 @ 6:18 am

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