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So that long awaited vacation trip has now arrived. The whole family is excited to go on that cruise, tour that foriegn country or whattever your plans are. Preparing your home for this trip is as important as the trip itself. You will want to come home to the same home as you left it.

First, don’t broadcast your plans to anyone. Many people brag on their trip and you never know who might be listening, Tell the kids not to talk about it as well. Tell everyone about your trip when you get back. It will make a muh better story anyway.

Make your home look like someone is there.
Have a neighbor park his/her car in your driveway.
Have the lawn cut before you go. If need be, have it cut while you are gone.
Have the mail and news paper stopped or have it picked up by ssomeone.
Don’t hide a key to the house. Leave it with a neighbor or relative.
If you you use automatic lights have the kind that come on at different times. Not the same time everyday.
Unplug ALL electronic devices VcR’S, DVD Players , TV’s, Cable Boxes etc. They all have a circuit that is still active even if it is turned off.
Notify the police to watch over your property when they drive by. They would rather do that than fill out a burglary report.
If you have an alarm system, notify them what times you will be traveling and of course be sure you set the alarm before leaving.
Leave an itinerary with a neighbor or relative of where you will be staying and phone numbers that you can be contacted.
Have a list of all medications of family members and any medical needs they may have. List your doctor’s, your pharmacist’s, and at least one emergency contact person’s phone number.
Be sure you have all the necessary travel documents current. Pass ports and visa’s have and expiration date. Check with a travel agency or government office to see what documents you may need. Requirements change often so be sure ou have the latest and correct documents.
Some countrys require a special driver’s permit so don’t assume because you have a valid US driver’s license you can drive in that country.
Hope you have a great trip and take a lot of pictures. Oh yes, don’t forget the camera and film.

Posted on May 26th, 2009 at 04:00 by Alex Smith in PERSONAL SAFETY,Uncategorized - Comments (9)

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