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The Certified Check Scam has been around for a long time but recently it is getting more common. The different means of the scam is also getting more diverse.

It used to be that a “certified check” was just like guranteed money. With the advent of computers it’s making fraudulent people generate what looks like an actual check but in reality it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. There is also some companies that you can call and tell them to write a certified check on either a non existant account or an account someone has stolen the identity of another. Yes, it will have what looks like a bonified routing number and your bank might even accept it into your account.

Here is the problem. It might take one or two days for it to go through the banking cycle before your bank knows that the check was bogus. By that time you’ve already used the fraudulent money and the bank will demand you place the money back into your account.

Remember, just because you deposit a check into your banking account you are still responsible for making sure the money of the check is good. Checks are only “promissary notes” between the issuer of the check and the person receiving it. If the person writing the check did it fraudulently, you are still responsible for the amount of money the check was written for.

Don’t fall for the scam that someone from a foreign country wants you to be an “agent” for then here in the USA. They supposedly want you to collect their money receiving a certified check for them from a transaction or supposed customer. Then you are supposed to deposit this certified check into your personal banking account. Then you are supposed to keep your commission out of that money and send them the remainder by writing them a check from your account. Needless to say, the certified check is gogus but by the ime you have found out they have alrerady cashed your check and you are out all the money. Most of these scams like this are coming out of Nigeria or some African country.

The best way to receive money from a transaction on EBay or Craig’s List is to use Pay Pal or credit card. Of course cash is always welcome.

Remember, if it sounds too good, it usually is.

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Of all the age groups senoir citizens ususally have a lower crime rate with the exception of purse snatching, home repairs, frauds and scams.

Crimes of violence are most feared by older people because these types of crimes get so much press attention. These types of are least likely to happen to a senior citizen.

Most murders and assaults are usually committed by a relative, friend not by a stranger. This is not to say not to be wary of strangers but to also be aware of your surroundings with all people at all times.

A rape of a woman over 65 rarely happens. Always walk and show confidence in a relaxed manner. Make brief eye contact with approaching stranger.

No matter how a senior citizen is victimized, the crime has a greater effect emotionally and financially. Crimes to older people can be very devastating.

We all have heard the expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Be sure your home has good locks, and use them. One thing you might do is replace the striker plate screws with longer 3 1/2″ screws. They will be long enough to penetrate into the door jam not just the door molding.

Know your neighbors and have some idea of their family routine. If you see something out of the ordinary call your local law enforcement. They would rather do that than show up on a crime scene.

Form neighborhood watch group in your area. If you start experiencing a higher crime rate start walking in groups in your area. Some neighborhood groups patrol in cars and have citizens band radios. Post signs in the area informing would be criminals of the watch group.

Let your neighborhood know your home is a safe haven for a child and they can go to it in case of an emergency.

Install a “wide angle” peep hole at a level that will be comfortable for your height. Don’t let anyone into your home unless they adequately show proper indentification. Even then confirm the person with the company they represent. If you have any suspicions don’t let them in. Tell them you will call for help if they need it and call the police of this contact.

Trim all shrubbery to waist level. Don’t have any shrubbery that will block windows or provide a place where an attacker my hide.

When you return home before unlocking you car doors, look around you and be sure there in no one is present or have followed you home. Some attacks have ocurred while a person was getting out of their car or walking to get into their home.

If possible have the outside light on a timer if you will be coming home after dark. It’s not good to have it on during the day. It will be a clear beacon that might let a criminal know you are not there but will be coming home after dark.

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