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McAfee, a antivirus software company, just released a list of dangerous places to give out your Social Security Number. Many places might surprise you. The truth is your social security number is not supposed to be used for identification purposes. Unfortunately, many times you have to give out your number to receive services.

Here are the top 10:
1. Universities and colleges
2. Banking and financial institutions
3. Hospitals
4. State goverments

5. Local governmets
6. Federal governments
7. Medical businesses
8. Non-profit organizations
9. Technology companies
10. Health insurers and medical offices.

What do you do? Many companies and organizations will ask for your number. Unless you are filling out a W-9 IRS form, don’t give out your social security number.
Keep your card locked up in a safe place at home. Don’t carry it in your wallet.

Don’t give your number out to an internet contact. You can buy software to protect your identity.

If your wallet is stolen contact your local law enforcement agencies. Be sure to get a police report when you contact them. Call your credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion immediately. Contact all your credit card companies. If you notice any problems. you can have your accounts frozen and put a “fraud alert” out.

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