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Some people are still paying for what they spent last year on Cristmas gifts. Using your credit card to put you deeper into debt is not a wise thing to do. This year if you can’t afford to pay cash for your gifts, then simply do not buy any.

My wife & I start buying a lot of gifts at the beginning of the year. Especially after the Christmas Holidays when most items are drastically reduced in price. So the first way is to buy early and throughout the year.

Before you buy anything determine who you are going to buy for and what item. Make a list and try to stick to it.

Many companys offer discount coupons on line. You can log on to their website and print out the coupon on your computer. Some companys sell products cheaper online. One place is GiftCardRescue.com or GiftCards.com.

Some companys even let you try to get a discount using a “chat or Live button” online.

Another way to save oney is to see if you can buy the item using discount codes. Try going to these sites to log on to find discount codes. ReatailMeNot.com, SecretPrices.com and Free Shipping.org. One way to stay organized is to put the money and any information about the gift into an envelope for each person you are going to buy for.

Don’t fall for any promotion a store will offer to give you a percentage off your gifts if you open one of their store credit cards. In the end the interest rate of the card will probably be much greater than the discount they are offering you.

Buy only the gifts you intened to buy before you started your day. Resist that great deal for something for your self. stick to your plan.

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Do you ALWAYS check your receipt before leaving the checkout counter? Well, you better start if you don’t.

The latest scam is being done right in front of you. The cashier will indicate that you want “cash Back” when totaling your purchases. Most often it will be in the amount of $20.00 or an amount near the total of all your purchases so as not to cause you to question the total.

It is done easily if you use a credit or debit card. One touch of a key and it goes right into the system immediately. If you don’t watch the moniter you will OK the transaction. Remember, most cash backs on credit or debit cards are subject for you to pay interest on the amount you receive or supposed to have received.

People are in such a hurry that they fail to look at their receipt before leaving the counter. Don’t be in such a hurry and let this happen to you.

Let the “buyer beware.”

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