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The latest scarry post on U-Tube is how to make a “water bottle bomb.” It’s being demostrated by young kids. They are giving step by step instructions as to how to make these bombs.
Some of these bombs have been placed in people’s yards and mail boxes. About 30 seconds after you pick the inocent looking water bottle it can explode with enough force to cause serious bodily harm. All it takes is a few shakes or movement of the bottle to activate it. When it explodes the liquid that comes out is boiling hot that can cause blindness or serious burns.

The bombs are made out of household items. They either use baking soda and vinegar or drano and water with a small amount of foil. All it takes is for you to move it for it to explode.

You can verify this report by going to: http://snopes.com/crime/warnings/bottlebomb.asp.

Posted on January 11th, 2011 at 06:45 by Alex Smith in Home Safety,PERSONAL SAFETY,Uncategorized - Comments (0)

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