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Many “smart phones” and cameras have programs in them that imbed GPS coordinates which tells the exact location of where a picture was taken. It is so accurate, it can tell anyone you send this picture to within a few feet.

Tracking people via cell phone photos is called geotagging. The picture you post on Craig’s List, Facebook, or Twitter, will allow anyone access to the location the picture was taken. You could be directing a stalker right to your home address. Some of the most widely used phones with this geotagging imbedded in them are the Apple Iphone, Blackberry and the PalmPre Phones. You can disable or take out this feature of the phone. Go to your phone’s menu and select Options, advanced options, GPS, press the menu key select disable GPS and select yes to confirm. This will disable all GPS capabilities on the phone.

Each phone might have a variation of disabling the GPS capabilities so go to your phone’s manual for instructions as to how to do it. If you have problems disabling the GPS function, call your provider for help.

For a more indepth discussion on geotagging, check out this site.

Posted on March 1st, 2011 at 05:24 by Alex Smith in Cell Phone Information,Home Safety,Home Security - Comments (2)

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