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In this day and age you have to be extra careful of who you lend money or expensive tools to. They may be the “Devote Christian” you have known for years, but in these hard times the most trusted people you have known will let you down. Trouble times makes everything a new game.

Point in case: My wife and I both have websites and we have to pay our taxes quarterly ahead each year to avoid penalties. Last October we lent one of our trusted friends a substantial amount of money to be paid back fourteen days later when he closed on his house. Here it is the end of January 2012 and we had to borrow the money we set aside last year to pay our taxes, the money we lent to him.

Unfortunately we had to go to small claims court today only to find out the only thing we can do at this time is to tell him we have a judgement against him. Then in ten days the only recorse is to go back to court with an attorney and get his paycheck attached. Of coarse he has to have a job to do that. He’s retired on Social Security that cannot be attached. What next? File a lien on his property. That is all well in good but it might not sell for years.

Lesson learned; if a friend has to burrow money from you it means uausally trouble because most likely they have tried some finanial instituion that has turned them down.

I know it must seem terrible to say no to a friend, but as the saying goes, “don’t be a borrower or lender.”

I burned twice this month because I lent out an expensive tool to a “friend.” When it came back it was broken. He never told me it was broken when he returned it. I found out when I went to use it. You guessed it, it was an expensive repair job. He claims it was working fine when he returned it.

“Let the Lender Beware.”

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