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Ok, you were dorment for the winter months and it’s time to spruce up the hounse and grounds. This is also a good time to check out your security measures.

Start with trimming those high bushes arond your home. It makes for a good hiding place for an intruder or attacker. They should not be any higher than your window sills.

Now that the warm weather is back many people like to sleep with a window partially open. Put a screw into the channel of the window 1/3 of the way up. This will not let someone open the window and gain entry.

Don’t hide a key outside of the house. It will be found especially if you have a child coming home from school. A person can follow the school bus and watch where the child locates the key. You might get an unwanted visitor the next day.

Check to see if you boat registration needs renewing. It sure ruins a day on the water if you get a citation.

Again, some of the best measures to stop a possible home break in is a well manicured yard. Thieves know that when a yard looks good the owner has pride in his home and probably good sceurity measures as well.

Check all the door and window locks. Yes, even the second story windows. You might not leave a ladder out in your yard but a neighbor might. It’s not a good idea to leave second story windows open when you are not at home.

Check all security lights. Remember, don’t leave the front porch light on during the day. Burglars know that you are away and you leave the light on when you return after dark. It’s best to have a dawn-to-dusk light or a motion sensor light.

I probably missed a lot of things to do, but always think “security”.

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