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Emails are being sent to individuals, including military members, militaryretirees, and civlian employees, which apear to be sent by The Defense Finacingand Accounting Services. Although the email apears to come from DFAS and displays a .mil email address it is actually from a non-government email account.

The emails incicate that indiviuals who are receiving disability compensatiion from the Department of Veterans Affair may be able to obtain additional funds from the IRS. These emails are not issued by DFAS.

The email indicates that individuals receiving VA disability compensation can receive additional funds from the IRS by sending copies of VA award letters, income tax returns, 1099-Rs, retiree account statements, and dd214’s, to a retired Colonel at an address in Florida.

These schemes can be quite costlt for vicims. Pormoters may charge exorbitant upfront fees to file these claims and are often long gone when the victim discover thay’ve been scammed.

If you receive a notice from the IRS, respond immediately. If you believe someone may have used your SSN fraufulently, please notify IRS by responding to the name and number printed on the notice or letter.You will need to fill out the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039.

Remeber, no matter who fills out yor tax return, YOU are still responsible for it’s accuracy and information.

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