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Yes, it’s Fall now. Most of us are busy cleaning up, raking up debris from our yards. I noticed a lot of leaf and brush burning in my community.

Let us remind oursleves most areas have had a very dry summer. Open fires can get out of hand easily. I know our community still has it’s residnts to obtain a burning permit before burning leaves or brush.

Before doing any burning check to see if a permit is needed. There might be a fine for burning without one in your town.

Needless to say, choose an area devoid of possible combustables surrounding your fire. NEVER use gasoline as an excellerent. When you put gasoline on what ever you intend to burn even the short time you do fumes form and it will flare up even explode.

The best excellerent, if you need one, would be to use charcoal fluid lighter. Used motor oil is also a possible excellerent because it will burn slower and for a longer time. You don’t need very much used motor oil either. Just a small amount will keep your fire burning longer.

Never burn on a windy day or leave the fire until it’s completely out.

I guess it seems you think I’m talking to you as a child, but many misshaps has happened from fall burning fires. So it’s not bad to remind ourselves of the dangers.
All fires must also be supervised by and adult. It’s always best to have a hose tuned on near by in case the fire gets out of hand.

I want you to call Home & Garden to take picture of your home when it gets all cleaned up not your insurance agent because of a fire. Think about it.

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