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If you have a storage compartment that you acccess from the outside of your house you may be providing a way a would be thief can enter your home. I’m talking about a storage compartment that can can be entered without actually going into your home or garage.

If your butt hinges are not desined so that the pins of the hinges cannot be removed that is the trouble. All someone has to do is remove the pins from the hinges and the door will come out of the frame.

You cna stop this by either replacing these type of hinges with a type of hinge the pins cannot be remove unless the door is open. You can also prevent the door from being removed by taking one of the screws of the hinge out on each hinge. Next drive a finish nail, a nail with no head, into the hole of the hinge you took the screw out of. Leave the nail protruding out about 3/4 of an inch. Next drill a hole into the door opposit to the nail so that when the door is shut the nail will go into the hole you drilled. Do this on all of the hinges of the door. By doing this the door cannot be reomoved from the frame even if the pins to the hinges sre removed.

If a thief can remove this outside door to a storage compartmentt he can kick through the dry wall and enter your home.

This simple method can be used on any of the doors of your home.

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