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There are almost 200,000 reported accidents from ladder use in America every year. The people of the American Ladder Institute, are becoming more concerned at this rate because we Americans are becoming more and more over-weight.

The “old trusty” ladder you’ve had for years might not be adequate anymore. All ladders are rated according to the maximum weight they are suppose to carry. The 250lb. person now may be climbing up a ladder with a tool belt and materials that will push the weight restrictions over the limit.

Ladders come in different sizes and shapes. I have step ladders, extension ladders and also a Werner Ladder that can be configured in all three shapes: step ladder, scaffolding, and extension ladder. Again my ladders are made of all three materials, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each ladder has a specific use for what the ladder is made of and the configuration of the ladder. Aluminum ladders generally are lighter but may not carry the needed weight. The fiberglass and wood ladders can be much heavier but they can be used in electrical projects or when the ladder may come in contact with electrical wires since they do not transmit electrical current.

The proper way to carry a ladder is parallel to the ground. This way you don’t come in contact with over-head obstructions or wires that may cause electrical shock or injury to you.

No matter what the project is that you are using a laddder for NEVER stand on the top rung or platform of the ladder. Be sure it’s safely stabilized and climb the ladder facing it. Use both hands and center your body in the ladder. Position the ladder so you can adequately reach the area you are going to work in. It’s always good to have a second person at the bottom of a ladder when using a taller extension ladder to keep it more stabilized.

So the next time you get you ladder out think safety and use the correct ladder for the job.


Posted on September 7th, 2007 at 04:49 by Alex Smith in Home Safety,ladder safety - Comments (0)

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