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The four things burglars hate are: Light, Noise, Exposure and Time.

Records show that most burglaries are done during the hours of 10am to 2:30 pm. Why? Dad’s at work and mom’s out doing her errands while the kids are at school. He’ll be home around 5:30 pm but mom wants to be home when the kids get home from school. This time of day he has all the natural light he needs.

Noise .A security system should have the loudess siren on it. Even if you do not have the system monitored, which is not good, he knows he’s been detected and will flee the home. This also why he would rather kick in a door than break a window. Windows make a distinct noise when they break alerting your neighbors. Doors just a low thud noise. Put good locks and dead-bolts on all doors.

Exposure. Does your home have high shrubberies, dense trees, stockade fencing or something that will give a burglar a place where he can’t be seen? Trim the shrubs so they are no taller than waist high.

Time is the burglars most worst enemies. Most burglars are in your home only three to ten minutes. They have a system of where to go to grab what they want and leave as fast as they can. Don’t leave items out to cut down on the time it takes to steal from you.

Start looking at your home inside and out as a burglar would do.

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It’s that time of year again when it starts to get dark early. Do you leave an outside light on at a front or side door all day?

A lot of people do so when they get get home from work , the door they use to come into the home is lit.
This is a beacon to a burglar. Leaving this light on is a pretty good indication that the home owner is gone for the day and will not be home until after dark. Not only is this a good indication but it gives him a time frame of how much time he has to steal from you.

The solution is to replace your outside lights with automatic dusk to dawn lights. They have some very decorative lights for all styles of homes. Using this type of lighting, there will be no lights on during the day, but plenty of lights at night.

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It always amazed me of how many people would put in a security system and not arm the second floor windows. Most of these homes had the Master Bedroom on the second floor. That’s the most treasured room in the home because that’s where most of the “stuff” a burglar wants is in the master bedroom. Jewelry, cash, passports, blanks checks, guns, etc.

Many ladders are left outside giving the burglar access to the second floor. It might not be your ladder, it could be your neighbors.

Even if you don’t have an alarm system it’s still wise to lock ALL windows & doors in your home. A burglar that sees a window cracked open on the second story will go to great lengths to come into your home through it. Word for today, “Lock It.”

Have you ever walked into your home and just had the feeling some one had come into your home or is there right now? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to tell if this had happened.

One way is to leave a small amount of one dollar bills on a table near the door you use the most often. Place them in plain sight on a table by the door and easily seen by you when you enter your home.

If a burglar has entered your home he most likely will pick up this money as moves through your home. It’s too tempting to leave it there and he feels it’s ready cash for him.

The first things you should do when you come home is to look to see if the money is still there where you left it. If you see it’s gone, back out of the home immediately and call the police.

I would recommend installing a security system in your home. If you already have one in place and your home has been violated without setting off the alarm, call the company to have it checked out.

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