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Yes, it’s Fall now. Most of us are busy cleaning up, raking up debris from our yards. I noticed a lot of leaf and brush burning in my community.

Let us remind oursleves most areas have had a very dry summer. Open fires can get out of hand easily. I know our community still has it’s residnts to obtain a burning permit before burning leaves or brush.

Before doing any burning check to see if a permit is needed. There might be a fine for burning without one in your town.

Needless to say, choose an area devoid of possible combustables surrounding your fire. NEVER use gasoline as an excellerent. When you put gasoline on what ever you intend to burn even the short time you do fumes form and it will flare up even explode.

The best excellerent, if you need one, would be to use charcoal fluid lighter. Used motor oil is also a possible excellerent because it will burn slower and for a longer time. You don’t need very much used motor oil either. Just a small amount will keep your fire burning longer.

Never burn on a windy day or leave the fire until it’s completely out.

I guess it seems you think I’m talking to you as a child, but many misshaps has happened from fall burning fires. So it’s not bad to remind ourselves of the dangers.
All fires must also be supervised by and adult. It’s always best to have a hose tuned on near by in case the fire gets out of hand.

I want you to call Home & Garden to take picture of your home when it gets all cleaned up not your insurance agent because of a fire. Think about it.

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Yes the weather is getting better. We all are looking for warmer weather and getting our yards resued from the winter throws.

As you know, the economy is still not the best. Many are still losing their jobs and not finding work.

I formed a lawn service business six years ago and I have noticed that because of the down economy many are supplementing because of their lost jobs by cutting grass. I have been seeing more and more trailers being hauled behind cars and pick-up trucks with lawn equipment on them. I’m not putting someone down for doing so, but I have heard some real war stories of people hiring these down and out people to be their lawn care person only to find several things missing from their property or being charged for work not done.

My recommendation before hiring a stranger to have access to your property is to have them supply referrals of others they have worked for. Also, ask if they have insurance. If they get injured on your property you could be facing a law suit.

If they insist on being paid only in cash, be aware. Be sure you have an understanding of what services they are to perform and for what price. It is best if you have this agreement in writing so that there will be no missunderstanding of additional charges after the job is completed.

Ask if you might contact some of their other customers if you feel uncomfortable.

Some communities require lawn services of any kind to be licensed by the town or community. This can be some assurance of the validity of the person you are about to hire.

I’m looking forward to this summer and I hope all of you will have the best ever.

It’s been a while since my last blog because I have been literally flat on my back and unable to get out of bed for two weeks. We all think, at least some of us guys, that we are ten feet tall and bullet proof. That’s the exact time when we throw caution to the wind and end up getting hurt such as I did.

I was mowing one of my lawn customers properties when my lawn tractor starting malfunctioning. So I decided to finish the lawn cutting with my push mower. The property has some steep burns on it and that’s where I got myself into trouble. While cutting the burns I put forces on my body making some of my muscles put my back “out-of-balance”. This put pressure on my back bone and some of the pelvic muscles, mainly the piriformis muscle located in the pelvic area. At the end of the day I started relizing a slight pain in my lower back. The pain the next day was unbearable. I was experiencing a condition called Sciatica, an irritation of the sciatic nerve.

There can be several causes of scitica so it’s important to get a physician to derermine the origin of the pain. Some of the causes can be related to a herniated disc, lumbar stenosis, isthmicspon-dylolisthesis, a pinched nerve the list goes on.

The pain usually starts in the lower back and it can radiate down one of the legs all the way to your ankle. Believe me, I mean pain. The pain can last for just a few days or for many months or years. It can seem to “go away” but it may return at any time.

The sciatic nerve starts in your lower back and it runs through or around the piriformis muscle. This is the main muscle in your lower back. Quite often this is the problem such as mine because the sciatic nerve runs through this muscle and irritates or pinches the nerve causing the pain. Along with with this pain you may experience muscle spasms or leg cramps as well. This only adds to the pain. Further information can be read here.

Siatica can be treated sometimes with steroids, muscle relaxiants, pain medication and plenty of bed rest. Since sciatica is an inflamation applying a cold compress will help reduce the inflamation and pain. Hot compresses may increase the inflamation and is not recommended. If the cause is from a herniated disc, surgury may be needed. Be prepared for it to take a lot of time for it to subside so the best cure is to not put yourself into a position where you may cause this condition in the first place. Think of Safety First.

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We all take our lawn tractors for granted and ignore the safety instructions that comes with them. Since retiring, I have started my own lawn service business and have been in contact with several others that do the same.
It amazes me , how many try to operate their equipment on steep grades. I know several men that have been seriously hurt by riding their mowers lengthwise along a hill. This is especially dangerous with a lawn tractor because of it’s high center of gravity. Turning the wheels even slightly while on the side of a hill will cause the tractor to over-turn. The correct way, if not too steep, is to mow the grade up & down; not sideways. Make sure your tractor’s braking system is working correctly. A mower can run away on a steep grade . If the brakes are not adjusted correctly an accident is inevitable.

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