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Emails are being sent to individuals, including military members, militaryretirees, and civlian employees, which apear to be sent by The Defense Finacingand Accounting Services. Although the email apears to come from DFAS and displays a .mil email address it is actually from a non-government email account.

The emails incicate that indiviuals who are receiving disability compensatiion from the Department of Veterans Affair may be able to obtain additional funds from the IRS. These emails are not issued by DFAS.

The email indicates that individuals receiving VA disability compensation can receive additional funds from the IRS by sending copies of VA award letters, income tax returns, 1099-Rs, retiree account statements, and dd214’s, to a retired Colonel at an address in Florida.

These schemes can be quite costlt for vicims. Pormoters may charge exorbitant upfront fees to file these claims and are often long gone when the victim discover thay’ve been scammed.

If you receive a notice from the IRS, respond immediately. If you believe someone may have used your SSN fraufulently, please notify IRS by responding to the name and number printed on the notice or letter.You will need to fill out the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039.

Remeber, no matter who fills out yor tax return, YOU are still responsible for it’s accuracy and information.

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People with high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation (AFib) are 5 times at a greater risk for stroke or heat stroke than other people.
AFib effets the way your heart pumps and gives you an irregular heart beat. Pools of blood can form in the upper chambers of the heart called the (atria). This pooling can cause a blood clot in your heart. If the clot breaks away it can lodge in your brain causing a stroke.
In hot weather you need to keep well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Dehyration also causes a thicking of the blood slowing down needed blood flow. Also do to sweating (fluid loss) you loose a lot of your electrolytes that control many body functions.
Here are some simple tests if yoy think someone shows signs of stroke or heat stroke:
* Face: Ask your loved one to smile. Does one side of the mouth droop?
* Arms: Ask to lift both arms up. Does one arm drift downward?
* Speech: Ask them to repeat a simple phrase. Is the speech slurred, sound strange are they having a hard time repeating back the phrase?
If you detect any of these signs call 911 immediately.
Remeber, heat stoke is a masked sympton. Many times the victim does not they are going into heat stroke. Light headedness, difficult breathing, feel extreme tiredness, head aches, blurred vision are only some of the signs of heat stroke.
word of the day: Hydration limit the outside time doing activities in this heat wave.

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Ok, you were dorment for the winter months and it’s time to spruce up the hounse and grounds. This is also a good time to check out your security measures.

Start with trimming those high bushes arond your home. It makes for a good hiding place for an intruder or attacker. They should not be any higher than your window sills.

Now that the warm weather is back many people like to sleep with a window partially open. Put a screw into the channel of the window 1/3 of the way up. This will not let someone open the window and gain entry.

Don’t hide a key outside of the house. It will be found especially if you have a child coming home from school. A person can follow the school bus and watch where the child locates the key. You might get an unwanted visitor the next day.

Check to see if you boat registration needs renewing. It sure ruins a day on the water if you get a citation.

Again, some of the best measures to stop a possible home break in is a well manicured yard. Thieves know that when a yard looks good the owner has pride in his home and probably good sceurity measures as well.

Check all the door and window locks. Yes, even the second story windows. You might not leave a ladder out in your yard but a neighbor might. It’s not a good idea to leave second story windows open when you are not at home.

Check all security lights. Remember, don’t leave the front porch light on during the day. Burglars know that you are away and you leave the light on when you return after dark. It’s best to have a dawn-to-dusk light or a motion sensor light.

I probably missed a lot of things to do, but always think “security”.

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There is a Trojon Worm Virus that asks you to install an adobe flash plug-in. So far there is no repair for this virus. It destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc where vital information of your comouter is saved.

DO NOT respond to an email named Invitation FACEBOOK, even if it’s from one of your best friends. When you log onto it it opens an Olympic Tourch that burns the whole hard disc C of your compter.

This virus will be received from someone you probably had in your address book. So if invitation FACEBOOK pops up in your email delete immediately.

There’s a new company that has developed a line of unnique wireless spot lights. The compay is Wireless Enviroment,Inc. They have two product lines; Mr. Beams and Greenest Light.

The installation of them is really easy and they can be put in just about any area that needs a security light.

The spotlight is a LED design so it will produce light almost forever. Now there’s a light you don’t have to worry about replacing a bulb.

They have several models to choose from and some even come with remotes. They cover an average of 350sqft and will detect movement up to 75′ away to turn the light on.

The nice thing about them is that they are relatively inexpensive. This is important if you need to place lights in several areas. There is no wiring needed. They are battery operated and since they are LED’s you get extended battery life operation.

I don’t endorse very many products but I feel these lights are well worth looking into.

For more information about them and their products log on to Mrbeams.

The latest scarry post on U-Tube is how to make a “water bottle bomb.” It’s being demostrated by young kids. They are giving step by step instructions as to how to make these bombs.
Some of these bombs have been placed in people’s yards and mail boxes. About 30 seconds after you pick the inocent looking water bottle it can explode with enough force to cause serious bodily harm. All it takes is a few shakes or movement of the bottle to activate it. When it explodes the liquid that comes out is boiling hot that can cause blindness or serious burns.

The bombs are made out of household items. They either use baking soda and vinegar or drano and water with a small amount of foil. All it takes is for you to move it for it to explode.

You can verify this report by going to: http://snopes.com/crime/warnings/bottlebomb.asp.

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The day after Thanksgiving is usually called “Black Friday.” It is when most stores advertise their best bargins for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. in fact, most retailers will take-in almost 30% of their entire yearly income during the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Along with these great deals comes a greater chance of you becoming a victim because thieves realize that during the frendzy of grabbing these deals people let down their guard. Here are some tips that might keep you out of harms way:
* Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get too caught up in trying to “out grab” the person in front of you.
* Try to shop with a friend or relative. There’s safety in numbers. If needed, one can watch what you have already purchased while the other can go for the next deal.
* Never leave a package unattended.

* Be careful when using the restroom. Packages have been stolen right at your feet under the bathroom stall partition.
* Don’t overload yourself or have a stranger help you.
* Park in a well lighted area. Always look into the back seat of the car before you get into your vehicle.
* Needless to say, always lock your vehicle and never leave packages in plain sight inside it. Put them into the trunk and watch around you while you do.
* If you feel uneasy about going to your vehicle, ask one of the security guards to walk with you to your car.
* When leaving the shopping mall watch in your rear view mirror to be sure you are not being followed. Many times a thief will followed a shopper home only to attack the victim in their own driveway. So be aware when you are exiting your car at home.
* Have a purse with straps long enough to go over your shoulder. Do not lay it down even for a second.
* Be careful showing the inside of your purse. keep it zipped or locked until you are checking out.
* Be aware if someone starts jostling or rubbing up against you. thats how pick-pockets draw away your attention.

Don’t let a few bad apples spoil your shopping day. Happy Holidays and hope you find tons of bargains!!!

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It’s back to school for many students. Several ride their bikes to school. Before the school season starts, it’s time to make a safety check for the bicycle and give safety training to the rider.

The most important thing to check is for proper tire pressure. Most bicycle tires are made out of Butyl Rubber. It is a porous rubber that seeps air so the tires should be checked on a regular basis. Low tire pressure will lead to improper control of the bicycle. Proper tire inflation will also make a more comfortable ride.

The brakes need to be tested and if necessary adjusted.

Do not lubricate the chain with WD-40. It is a good cleaner and moister preventer but it shouldn’t be used as a lubricant. One of the best lubricants is Tri-Flow Bike lube. It will not let dirt and road grit accumulate on the chain. Other things to check is bearing lubrication, proper seat adjustment. Make sure the handle bar is tightly secured, clean gears, rear reflector and both rear and front lights. If the student is carrying books and supplies a good carrier is also recommended. It is important to keep the hands free so that the rider can grip both handle bars while riding the bicycle.

Each student should attend a bike safety course. Most police departments offer a course or will direct you to one.

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I came across an interesting idea. I’m not endorsing the company or it’s products, but only to give out the information.

Years ago I worked for a company that sold “safe rooms” and hidden safes. Yes, they were steel vaulted rooms with unique hiding accesses. Even the experienced intruder would never suspect there was anything behind this hiding technique. Each safe room had an actual safe door behind the whatever they used to hide the existance of the safe room. Needless to say, they were not inexpensive to have installed. To date no one has reported ever having their safe room or safe found after over 30 years they have been installing them.

The problem bought up by the company Burglar Bombs has a valid drawback to a safe room. While most crimes are on the decrease home invasions are on the increase, most invasions are done at night while the victims are sleeping and the intruder can get a surprise attack. So getting into a safe room is not viable. So what can you do to prevent being surprised attacked in your own bedroom?

The best security system has a delay time after it has been triggered. It takes time for the police to get to you. So why not have a device that will cause a would be intruder to flee your home in seconds before he can harm you or take any of your possesions?

Burglar Bombs feel they have the answer. Place one of their devices in the hallway leading to your bedroom. When triggered it puts out a fine mist of non-toxic pepper spray that will engulf the hallway. It effects the breathing of the assailent such as coughing and making it hard to breath. Needless to say, if that were happening to you, you would find the nearest exit to get away from the pepper spray. So the intruder leaves the home before actually getting to his objective, you.

They have several different devices to be used in the area you want protected. They can also be used in conjunction with your existing security system.
You can get more information on their website here.

So that long awaited vacation trip has now arrived. The whole family is excited to go on that cruise, tour that foriegn country or whattever your plans are. Preparing your home for this trip is as important as the trip itself. You will want to come home to the same home as you left it.

First, don’t broadcast your plans to anyone. Many people brag on their trip and you never know who might be listening, Tell the kids not to talk about it as well. Tell everyone about your trip when you get back. It will make a muh better story anyway.

Make your home look like someone is there.
Have a neighbor park his/her car in your driveway.
Have the lawn cut before you go. If need be, have it cut while you are gone.
Have the mail and news paper stopped or have it picked up by ssomeone.
Don’t hide a key to the house. Leave it with a neighbor or relative.
If you you use automatic lights have the kind that come on at different times. Not the same time everyday.
Unplug ALL electronic devices VcR’S, DVD Players , TV’s, Cable Boxes etc. They all have a circuit that is still active even if it is turned off.
Notify the police to watch over your property when they drive by. They would rather do that than fill out a burglary report.
If you have an alarm system, notify them what times you will be traveling and of course be sure you set the alarm before leaving.
Leave an itinerary with a neighbor or relative of where you will be staying and phone numbers that you can be contacted.
Have a list of all medications of family members and any medical needs they may have. List your doctor’s, your pharmacist’s, and at least one emergency contact person’s phone number.
Be sure you have all the necessary travel documents current. Pass ports and visa’s have and expiration date. Check with a travel agency or government office to see what documents you may need. Requirements change often so be sure ou have the latest and correct documents.
Some countrys require a special driver’s permit so don’t assume because you have a valid US driver’s license you can drive in that country.
Hope you have a great trip and take a lot of pictures. Oh yes, don’t forget the camera and film.

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